10 Jul
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A Growing Family | Jeremy and Kara Redding

This past spring I was approached by longtime elementary/highschool friend, Kara Redding, who wanted to know if I would be willing to do the photos for her upcoming 3rd year wedding anniversary with Jeremy Redding.  As I am in between schooling at times it’s hard to squeeze these short opportunities in, but we said that we’d try to schedule a date.

This past week Kara messaged me.  “Can you promise to keep a secret?”  I joked that I couldn’t promise, “It depends on what that secret is.”
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And so it just happened that I would actually see this couple during this last Saturday’s Youth Church get together!  The weather seemed a tad bit iffy at times with potential rain, but we were still able to sneak away and take some photos of their new upcoming member!  Photographing this couple came sooner than either of us thought, but nonetheless they were really awesome to work with.  It’s rare that I get opportunities to document such occasions as this.  I love working with couples who share great chemistry together, Jeremy and Kara were no exception.  We’re still trying to squeeze one more shoot in before the fall for their 3rd year anniversary.  In the meantime, congrats Jeremy and Kara!

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Kara Redding is also a growing photographer and shares her moments on instagram!  Click below to check out her work!

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