20 Nov

Return to Aldie Mansion | Jared and Dana

My super cool friendship with Jared and Dana began during my first year in undergrad before they even started dating.  Since then I’ve watched these two grow into the awesome power couple that they are today.  5 years ago I attended their wedding at Aldie’s Mansion.  Little did I know that this wedding marked the beginning of my adventures in Philadelphia.  These two graduated a couple years ahead of me and it was great to reconnect with them after moving to Philadelphia for Optometry school.  Both of their personalities are warm and welcoming, which made my transition to a new environment more comforting.

To make their 5th Year Wedding Anniversary, we revisited the beautiful Aldie Mansion once again where they first recited their vows.  They had said that they enjoyed their wedding day, but there was so much going on that they weren’t able to capture some of the photos that they had wanted to back then.  We had a blast being able to visit this place one more time, this time without time constraints!

Once again, my second shooter for this round was Ryan Chia.  Props to him for letting me use his flash and lens gear!

jared-dana-mcneil-5th-year-anniversary-aj-pastor-productions-1jared-dana-mcneil-5th-year-anniversary-aj-pastor-productions-22 jared-dana-mcneil-5th-year-anniversary-aj-pastor-productions-2 jared-dana-mcneil-5th-year-anniversary-aj-pastor-productions-3 jared-dana-mcneil-5th-year-anniversary-aj-pastor-productions-4 jared-dana-mcneil-5th-year-anniversary-aj-pastor-productions-5 jared-dana-mcneil-5th-year-anniversary-aj-pastor-productions-6 jared-dana-mcneil-5th-year-anniversary-aj-pastor-productions-7 jared-dana-mcneil-5th-year-anniversary-aj-pastor-productions-8 jared-dana-mcneil-5th-year-anniversary-aj-pastor-productions-9 jared-dana-mcneil-5th-year-anniversary-aj-pastor-productions-10 jared-dana-mcneil-5th-year-anniversary-aj-pastor-productions-13 jared-dana-mcneil-5th-year-anniversary-aj-pastor-productions-14 jared-dana-mcneil-5th-year-anniversary-aj-pastor-productions-15jared-dana-mcneil-5th-year-anniversary-aj-pastor-productions-17 jared-dana-mcneil-5th-year-anniversary-aj-pastor-productions-16 jared-dana-mcneil-5th-year-anniversary-aj-pastor-productions-19 jared-dana-mcneil-5th-year-anniversary-aj-pastor-productions-18

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