15 Apr
Sherman Wedding29

Brendan T. Byrne State Forest | Justin + Erin Sherman

Last October, I had the privilege of taking Erin and Justin’s engagement photos, so it was a great joy catching up with this couple a year later to do their wedding.  You can really sense the strong chemistry that these two share.  It’s not always easy for a couple to pose in front of a camera, but these two are so natural at it.  Not only are they married now, but in a couple weeks they’ll both be graduating as Doctors of Optometry from my post-graduate school, Pennsylvania College of Optometry.  Congratulations guys!

The wedding took place at Brendan T. Byrne State Forest, New Jersey, a calm location next to a lake.  One of my favorite aspects of this wedding was that the events seemed so simple to navigate through from start to finish.  We didn’t have to mess with crazy indoor lighting, run around to different locations, or meet any specific time crunches.  This was a time for games, barbecues, and bonding time between two families joining in matrimonial celebration.  The wedding was very fun to document for me and my second shooter, Ryan Chia.

Sherman Wedding1

Sherman Wedding2

Sherman Wedding3

Sherman Wedding4

This was the first time I took photos for both engagement and wedding.  It was quite nice to see my work printed and put int picture frames, something that I don’t see very often since I don’t do it very often.  I love how these turned out!

Sherman Wedding5

Sherman Wedding6

Sherman Wedding7

Sherman Wedding8

The wedding took place around this nice serene lake.  It was very calming.  Still, don’t let this picture fool you too much.  It was a bit chilly on this day, but everyone had a grand time nevertheless.

Sherman Wedding9

Sherman Wedding10

Sherman Wedding11

Sherman Wedding12

Sherman Wedding13

Sherman Wedding14

Sherman Wedding15

Sherman Wedding16

Sherman Wedding17

Sherman Wedding18

Sherman Wedding19

Sherman Wedding20

Sherman Wedding21

Sherman Wedding22

Sherman Wedding23

Sherman Wedding24

Sherman Wedding25

Sherman Wedding26

Sherman Wedding27

Sherman Wedding28

Sherman Wedding29

Sherman Wedding30

Sherman Wedding31

Sherman Wedding47

Sherman Wedding46

Sherman Wedding32

Sherman Wedding33

Sherman Wedding34

Sherman Wedding35

Sherman Wedding36

Sherman Wedding37

Sherman Wedding38

Sherman Wedding39

Sherman Wedding40

Sherman Wedding41

Sherman Wedding42

Sherman Wedding43

Sherman Wedding44

Sherman Wedding45

Sherman Wedding48

Congratulations again!  May God Bless you on your new lives together!
Your photographers, AJ and Ryan

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